Russian warship almost collides with US destroyer

Threatening clash in the Middle East: A Russian warship approaches a US destroyer and refuses to evade. The ships are coming dangerously close.

On Thursday, there was a threatening clash in the Middle East: A Russian warship aggressively approached a US naval destroyer and evaded at the last moment. The US television station CNN had first reported on the incident. How menacingly close the two ships came, you can see in the video above.

According to the US Navy, the USS Farragut was in the North Arabian Sea as an aircraft carrier’s escort when the Russian ship approached. According to an official statement, the Americans sounded five warning tones, prompting the Russian ship to change course. This was in accordance with international rules. However, the Russian crew did not react at first and maintained their course at full speed. The naval unit to which the USS Farragut belongs published two videos of the incident on Twitter.

Only after direct radio contact had been established between the bridges of the two warships did the Russians turn away, CNN reports. The Russian ship had approached the stern of the US destroyer up to almost 55 meters.

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According to the statement of the US Navy, the risk of collision was high, especially due to the initial refusal of the Russians. The armed forces now remained “vigilant” and were “prepared to react professionally”.