TradeStation Presents Election Performance Indicator

With the US presidential elections around the corner, and campaigns in full swing, TradeStation, the company which acquired IBFX in 2011, is releasing an Elections Performance indicator – a tool that illustrates the stock market performance for each US presidential cycle since 1924.

The indicator plots the cumulative stock market performance on a monthly basis during each 4-year presidential cycle. The closing price of the January monthly bar following an election year is used as the starting baseline performance price, and at the end of each presidential administration cycle, the indicator draws a vertical line, and displays the stock market performance for the respective cycle as a percentage. If you are into long-term stock analysis which is based on external data and factors, then you can definitely benefit from the Elections Performance.
The only downside is that it can’t really predict who’s going to win the next elections – and if it could, it would save both Obama and Romney a ton of money and bad-mouthing. Just kidding. Ah, the drama of politics…

The indicator is built in EasyLanguage®, TradeStation’s proprietary programing language, and is available for download for free on “In view of the upcoming election, we thought it would be interesting to examine the stock market’s long-term historical performance under various presidential administrations,” said Michael Burke, TradeStation’s Vice President of Client Training and Education. “TradeStation is an excellent tool for these types of studies, allowing you to create statistical or data-mining projects to measure performance on just about any market idea or concept. We offer a number of pre-built economic data sets – including interest rates, economic indicators and market statistics – that are kept up to date on the TradeStation website.”